About us

Anhui Worldbest Import and Export Co., Ltd is a branch of China Worldbest Group whom established since 1992. it has been approved by Anhui people's government and registered with industrial and commercial department. It has independent legal status and formed of key production enterprises.

Our department handles specially the export of Chinese foodstuffs, canned asparagus, canned mushrooms, canned beans, canned yellow peaches, canned sweet corn, canned tomato paste, etc. the I.Q.F vegetables, fresh and salted vegetables. the import and export of producer goods and their internal trade, as well as operations of joint venture,processing of imported and supplied materials, compensation trade, transit trade barter trade, consignment sales and the related consultant service.

We have numerous qualified personnel proficient in foreign trade, good reputation and operation style.

"Extensive exchange benefits all the world over", we are willing to co-operate with trade circles the world over on the basis of equality and mutual benefits and provide at all times quality services for developing business relations.


Anhui Worldbest Co.,Ltd.
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